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Arthur Bradford Klemmer has typically always been known as Brad or Bradford, and was born October 2nd, 1980 in Van Nuys, California. From age six he was raised in Tucson, Arizona. He spent a few years living in midtown, the rest in its Northwest suburbs. August 2002 he moved out to beautiful Santa Barbara, California to attend The Brooks Institute of Photography. There he lived just west of Downtown, and studied commercial photography and advertising. After completing his core photography classes in 2005, he spent the next several months living with friends and family in cities throughout Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange County. May of ’06 he moved back to Tucson and the Sonoran Desert. Since then he’s lived in both Midtown and the Northwest side, were he resides today.

Were dose the artist end and the art begin?; how does imagination become reality?; and is each person cultivating inner-peace ushering along the dawning of world-peace as a result? These are just some of the questions Bradford’s work asks of its collectors, as his graphic art dream-catchers take each viewer on a magical journey of universal self discovery. His prints have sold from both online and local galleries, and fine-dinning eateries such as Fine Art America, Creative Ventures and The Tasteful Kitchen, enriching the lives of many with inspiring themes of light and triumph amidst the contrast of adversity. His aim is to help rase the energetic frequency  of the planet through his digitally collaged images, while connecting  with other likeminded souls, artists and light-workers. Many of his fans and collectors often tell him that his work is powerful, profound and captivating.

Brad’s own journey has been an elaborate maze to master the heart of his own electromagnetic field of thought and emotion. Though after several life changing situations and spiritual epiphanies, he awoke to the dream that is his soul’s life to experience; the life that he was unconsciously living was now his life to consciously create. Relatively new to the spiritual shift of 5D new Earth consciousness, he is no stranger to either metaphysics or the power of creation through art. Klemmer has created some of the wildest situations through the imbued meanings he has projected on to this imagery, much of which has been perfected through trial and error, and some even to his own detriment before he fully discovered the raw power of the imagination and his own emapthic nature of being.

Despite all the tribulations and heart breaks in his youth, Bradford grew up with a great sense of creative freedom to explore many avenues of artistic expression; out of which, he most enjoyed both wall collage and film photography. He grown up in a very loving and supportive family, who always encouraged him in everything he passionately pursued. Though in many ways his upbringing was steeped in the material world, pop-culture consumerism, and the religion of politics, he was also raised with a basic Rosicrucian understanding of God being all things in existence. After returning home from college in 2006, at what was a world renown commercial photo/film/design school, the Sonoran Desert initially beckoned him on his own spiritual fine-art journey. Though beyond just the natural beauty of the surrounding desert, the city of Tucson and it’s suburbs also helped to inspire him with an eclectic assortment of pubic art and architecture. However, it would still be another several years of both mishaps and successes until he really started making sense of the divine orchestration that guided his path. During this time, Bradford also sought part time employment in the customer/ food service industry, working at a couple different pizzerias, a fifties style dinner, and an ice cream shop.

Due to many factors from planetary shifts, solar activities and moon cycles, to the energies of people and events in his own personal life, Bradford has directly experienced the oneness of the universe through the synchronic and intuitive connections of his surroundings. “There truly is a corresponding relationship with each person, the universe and all of its inhabitants; and the deeper you look within, the more you will feel it and realize that you are it.” Brad explains. Though at times questioning his own sanity, and even labeled as bi-polar in 2011, he has grown to view such obstacles as empowering life lessons and tools for empathic success in understanding a wide range of energetic vibrations and emotions. In 2013 a business coach and mentor suggested he begin meditating with a binaural beats program called Holosync, which became a key ingredient to the dramatic change his life would undergo over the next several years.

As many people go through various phases of life, Brad’s journey into the core fundamentals of reality lead him through a diverse range of topics to study and rabbit holes to ponder. He looked into everything from quantum physics to conspiracies, and gained a deeper appreciation for the shire contrast projected from Source Consciousness through, and as, all humanity. Though no topic only studied can affirm to one the corresponding nature of reality like personal experience through the self observation of the world reflecting all that is within; and for Brad, this passing decade has been a wild ride through the shifting of several distinct timelines. Through dark times he faced and the light he reclaimed thereby, Klemmer has grown to embrace all aspects of life and trust in his own inner faith of knowing.

Similar to the seemingly supernatural and synchronistic events that happened for him around the blue-moon in 2 015, in 2017/18 the energies surrounding triple series of supper full-moons invoked within him his true nature as an empathic being. With a good support group of spirit guides and way-showers, Bradford is now using this new understanding for the personal empowerment of both himself and others while promoting world-peace through inner-peace, love, light and unity. From the midst of an arduous path awakening, Brad Klemmer still has a lot to learn and discover, though already has many heart felt stories of connection to share with his art. Even before he was fully aware of his own intuitive  abilities of manifestation, Brad was able to identify with and visually illustrate powerful concepts of interest. After many years of artistic refinement digitally collaging both his own photographs and images pulled from Google, Bradford’s own spiritual progression juxtapose the state of world has ever increasingly been his general subject matter.

Highly inspired by legendary art masters like Picasso and Dali since his youth, Klemmer selects specific elements from the base images he works with to stack, blend and arrange them into new abstract and surreal aesthetic masterpieces of there own. All of his work is highly conceptual and symbolic of his own journey, with the intent to help others in theirs. Since his early childhood, Brad experienced frequent shifts in his emotional state and personality which allowed him to better empathetically connect with others he witnessed. Often unconsciously acting like somewhat of a chameleon, Bradford developed a sense of reading people which would later allow him to mirror back to others who they truly are simply by acting in his own authenticity of who he truly is. Like the 1960’s, Brad will jokingly tell you that if you can remember the 90’s, you weren’t really there; and throughout the later half of that decade and into the next, he dabbled a bit in mind expanding of hallucinogenics. Good, bad or indifferent, such things he’s experienced lead him the create the very spiritually connected style of intuitive art he dose today.

Aside from just expanding his own business as a professional artist, Brad continues to connect with other likeminded artists to help awaken humanity to the universal truth of Oneness and Natural Law. In 2014 he began putting together an essay titled “The Declaration of Wakeful-Modernism,” attempting to define a growing movement of social/spiritual art and philosophy. This paper took a few years of study and deep contemplation. It also underwent  several revisions including another massive update as many of his perceptions changed in 2018, while evolving from a “tuther” to a light-worker. “I originally got the idea to write this from “The Manifesto of Surrealism” by Andre Breton, and I hope to someday make a big impact on not just the arts community, but global society as a whole“ Brad explains.

“All things, the seemingly good and bad,” Klemmer’s says, “happen for reasons of unconditional love that itself all existence.“ His journey has brought him through the depths of emotional darkness to shine as a fellow beacon of light for others he graphically inspires. After the synchronistic driven realizations that came out of last winter, Brad spent the first part of 2018 working with a great set of online teachers, spirit guides and earth angels. With a fondness for both nature and symbolism, over the spring, Brad retreated to his family’s secret garden of landscape design that he helped craft over the years. With their spacious suburban back yard, he incorporated all five elements of being into their own privet park. “I love working with nature so much, I’ve really been thinking about taking on a couple clients for landscape architecture. Though much of my current focus is on continuing to photograph all the wonderfully inspiring public art in Tucson, and the city’s heart of Downtown.” he exclaims. Recently he’s also become involved with the ISA (Intuitive Shamanic Animists) Meetup group, attending drum meditations, moon labyrinths and other spiritual happenings. Through the personal experiences of many mystical life changing events, Bradford Klemmer continues to evolve and produce a grater version of himself and the power of art he creates. Focused in the present with contentment to life’s process unfolding, he sees the future with an open heart and great optimism of days to come.

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