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[solarculture-l] This Week 2/21 - 2/25

How many of us blame our leaders for the mess we are in today. Do our leaders create our minds or do our minds create our leaders. Are we programmed puppets of corporate world domination, unable to develop our own unique free will.

How many of us already have a war going on in our minds for control of our will. We beat ourselves up for not doing something right, we terrorize ourselves with our fears, we abuse ourselves with substances, we torment ourselves with temptation, we torture ourselves with childhood emotional scars. The more we try to hide, and deny this inner conflict, the more we manifest events outside of ourselves that re-create those internal experiences.

If there is war outside of ourselves it is because we are at war inside ourselves. We have no one to blame but ourselves for what is happening in the world. And if we want to stop the war outside we must first stop the war inside. Our peace must first come from within, and then we must develop peace with this Earth and the Cosmos before we can even think of developing peace with our fellow humans.

Only you can create this peace now, only you can stop the war, you can do it, you are seeded from the stars so use your STAR POWER, you are Magnificent, nothing can stop you now!!!

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  • 02/18/2003 - [solarculture-l] This Week 2/21 - 2/25

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  • 02/14/2003 - On Congress...

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